Neon Mine Player's Reference

How to obtain an own player zone

Depending on your rank in the Neon community, you may be eligible for more or less areal units (AU). The following steps are necessary in order to get yourself an own zone.

  1. Build a wooden fence that marks the inner border of your zone
    • the fence must be wooden; the wood type doesn't matter (you may mix them as well)
    • each fence piece must stand on either another fence piece, a block (not air) or hover above a water or lava source
    • the fence must be closed and definite, i.e. no gaps and no intersections
    • the fence must be placed inside the zone, i.e. don't build an outline
  2. Contact the server administrator, Firzen, and request the zone
    • don't forget to add position information
    • your fence will be checked and rejected, if it doesn't fulfill all the requirements
    • your request will also be rejected, if the requested zone would exceed your zone limits
    • if everything is okay, your zone will be created (but you won't get the ownership yet)
  3. Pay the fee
    • you pay the fee in wooden fence pieces
    • the amount equals the inner perimeter of your zone (in blocks)
    • of course you can break down your zone fence now and use it as payment
    • after the fee has been paid, you'll be granted zone ownership
    • note: the server administrator will destroy the fence items and not use them for their own survival mode

Areal Units & Zone Levels

Zone borders can be imagined as rectangular 2D shapes, set up from top down view. Each block is worth 1 AU (which stands for areal unit(s)). For now, every player has a fixed amount of AU they can use to obtain zones. Of course, on having a zone deleted, the player gets back all AU they previously spent for it.

Zones start with level 1. The zone level relates to the minimum and maximum height level it includes.

  • Level 1: 50 – 99
  • Level 2: 50 – 149
  • Level 3: 50 – 199
  • Level 4: 50 – 255
  • Level B: minimal height is 0

B is a special level that is added as a suffix. E.g. a level 2B zone includes height level 0 to 149.

Zone Eligibility

  • Normal Player: 2,500 AU, max. 1 zone
  • Neon Member: 10,000 AU, max. 3 zones
  • Neon Donator: 40,000 AU, unlimited zones

Zone Shapes and Sizes

Zone shapes are to be imagined top down and thus in 2D. They are limited to rectangles. Such a rectangle's width and depth must be 4 respectively.

Free room must not be enclosed by multiple zones. There must be a 16 blocks wide free path to each free room partly enclosed by multiple zones.


After entering one of the commands that affect a specific object you need to left-click the object you want to apply the command to.

Apply a public protection.
Apply a private protection.
/cpassword password
Apply a password protection.
/cmodify change...

Modify an existing private protection.


  • /cmodify foo: player foo may now use the object
  • /cmodify @moo: player moo may now use the object and also grant other players/groups access
  • /cmodify -bar: player bar may not use the object anymore
/cunlock password
Unlock a password-protected block.
Get information about a protected object.
Remove protection from an object. Anyone can add a new protection after that.

Protectable Objects

  • chest*
  • dispenser*
  • door
  • fence gate
  • furnace*
  • sign*
  • trapdoor
  • trapped chest*

Objects marked with an asterisk (*) are protected automatically when placed.

Protection Types

Every player can use the object and nobody except the object's owner can change the object's protection state.
Only the owner has full access to the object. They may define players and/or groups that also have basic or advanced access.
To use the object, the player needs to enter a password once per playing session (i.e. they must re-enter the password each time after (re-)joining the server).